About Patrick Shourds

Patrick Shourds



       Patrick Shourds’ Santa Barbara house is not far from the Pacific. Having been born and raised in the idyllic California town of Coronado, Pat has never lived far from the ocean.  It is unsurprising that Pat’s inspiration flourishes in the natural beauty of the California landscape, from the constantly changing Pacific Ocean as much as from Pat’s love of mountaineering, climbing and exploration.


       Objects from nature’s bounty line a window shelf in Patrick’s living room-geodes, fossilized seashells, crystals-objects that remind him of the peace he finds in nature.  Yet in his photography, Pat’s ability to blend nature with the footprint of humanity transcends a mere portrayal of objects and space, revealing the thoughts of the artist and his relationship with the culture, and lack of culture, around him.

       Pat’s photographs exhibit not just a technical expertise, but in his desire to expose his most personal thoughts, he allows the viewer room for his or her own contemplation and interpretation.

       Pat strives for personal balance in his life and reflects that balance, precariously at times, in his photographs. His work allows us to step back, considering familiar scenes or objects in new ways, beckoning us to consider how as individuals we might learn and grow and remain open to change. Successfully combining the beauty of physical representation with the artist’s own personality, Pat’s work is art that collectors of diverse tastes and interests can enjoy. His goal is to create images and illusions that cause the viewer to explore, ponder, and wonder.